You are an Analogue (0)

You are at the first of the four stages of the journey to Connected Customer Marketing™.

At the Analogue stage, a digital marketing team is being established but your approach to content, social media and data-led decision making is immature. Your digital communications are not connected with customer experience, brand marketing and the wider organisation. The changing needs of your customers and the strategic importance of digital is not understood at board level.

You will move through three further phases as you connect more with customers, across communications and within the organisation.

The next phase on your journey to Connected Customer Marketing™ is Pioneer. To reach this level of digital maturity, you need to focus on content and social media. You must be customer focused, always-on in your content publication and community management and decisions should be supported by data.

Once at the Pioneer stage, you will have digital teams that are doing the right thing but are defined as a silo within the broader marketing organisation. You will reassure the CMO and senior leadership that you are beginning to digitally transform.

Your successes as a Pioneer will assist your progression to the final phases of Integrator and Connected. Please read our paper and contact Brilliant Noise to plan your transformation journey and understand what the benefits will be at each stage of maturity.